Welcome to the studio!


A sprouting yogis class is filled with laughter, music, yoga postures, partner poses, games, relaxation, meditation, and breathing techniques. Kids will have the chance to move their physical bodies to stay fit and learn ways to calm their minds so they can take on their day!

Our Classes


We have classes for kids who are walking up to teenagers!

  • Tiny Sprouts: walkers to age 4

  • Little Sprouts: Pre-k-2nd grade

  • Big Sprouts: 3rd-6th grade

  • Tween/Teen Sprouts: 7th-10th grade

Events and Workshops

Stayed Tuned for the next Kids Yoga Workshop

During our workshops, the kids get a more intensive yoga class, along with crafts. These workshops are normally 2 hours and are held on Friday evenings, or Saturday mornings.

Stay Tuned for our next event!


Our last event was a great success! Yoga, art, cookie decorating, and a lot of fun!

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