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A Simple Prayer and Meditation for Healing

Author: Unknown

(Feel free to substitute Universe with God or any other spiritual being with whom you practice)

May I be happy. May I be healthy. May I find peace. May I find comfort knowing that the Universe has a Plan, Where suffering is no more, where abundance and joy is sovereign. May I be protected by the warmth of the sunlight and the clouds in the sky, Where all is forgiven, forgotten and hope prevails eternally. May I find peace in what is meant to be will Be, Where there is no place to go, no words to say, to simply just Be. May I overcome all sickness, fear, darkness and evil, Where pain and misery is defeated by kindness, humility, & Love. May I find gratitude for the warmth of my body and the rhythm of my breath, Where my heart is beating steady, perfectly, a precious living miracle. May I know I am Love. May I remember I am powerful. Beautiful. Remembered. Cherished. I am everything I need to be. I am everything to the Universe.

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